Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i love newborns

This newborn baby is my newest nephew!  

He is a peanut.  

He weighed 6 lbs 1oz and is the 5th child in their family.

Needless to say... my sister in law has her hands full!

Congratulations you guys! You created another beautiful child!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

in love and ready to tie the knot

I loved this photo session.  Loved the couple.  Loved the lighting.  Loved that they just wanted me to capture their love for one another.  They were darling!

Didn't love that at the very end of our session, another photographer saw my storage container that I keep my C F cards in and decided he needed some extra ones to add to his collection!  Yep...  He STOLE 4 C F cards, 2 totally full of this lovely couples pictures on them, that I had just taken!  I was shocked and still can't believe we live in a world that we can't set something down in the grass, on private property, walk a few feet away and BAM it's gone!  Just like that.  Thankfully, I had captured some good shots on my card that were still in my camera.  It amazes me that some people can be hard up enough to do such a thing!  I hope that man can sleep at night.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Soon to be... Mr. & Mrs.

I think I captured the love these two have for each other.  In less than two weeks they will become Mr. & Mrs. Forrest!  I can't wait for the big day.

And last, but not least... Bless her heart,  the mother of the bride has been running ragged to make everything just perfect for her daughter!

And I have no doubt it will be everything and more.  Love you guys!